Live Chat for Sales & Support

Add live chat to your website and help customers before they leave

Why we built live chat

In 2014 our customers started to ask if we had a live chat solution. We had decided not to build a live chat solution as there were already 100+ solutions available. We made recommendations and still our customers kept coming back with the request. We asked why?

"We want something simple like your co-browsing solution"

The Result

We decided to build live chat together with our customers.
The goal was to better match the needs of the contact center agents.
Now they can perform the same tasks with fewer steps.



We integrated co-browsing into our live chat. This makes it a easier to understand and help the customer.


Proactive chat

Once you are logged into, visitors will be invited to chat with you automatically.

Quick Responses

Send pre-defined responses to save time and maintain consistency.



Receive a call? Use the Pause function to temporarily stop new chats from coming in per agent.



Use your current reporting system like Google Analytics to see the impact of cobrowsing with live chat.

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