Google Analytics



Using Google Analytics you are able to keep track of how well is performing on your website. In this document we will be covering how you can find your Google Analytics information. It is assumed that you have a Google account and have linked your site to Google Analytics.


Logging into Google Analytics:

When you open the Google Analytics page you can click the Sign In button in the top right:


Select Google Analytics and enter your login information.


Navigating to your Site Data:

Once you have logged in you will see a screen resembling something like this:


Simple click the site you wish to review data for. Now on the left click the following links:

Behaviour -> Events -> Overview


Now under Top Events, click Event Action.

Here you can already start to see the data for your site:


Reviewing Your Site Data:

If you now click View Full Report you will have a nice overview of the events that have occurred on your site. Below is a description of the events that belong to with a description of each. Note that depending on your site the list of events may be very long.

In the case you have many events in your list you can use the search feature to find events that are related to 


As a final note, it is important to realise that the data shown on Google Analytics is NOT live. There is generally a delay from the actual clicks on the site to what you see on Google Analytics.