From startup to scale-up

17 September 2018 written by Justin @

We doing quite while this past year with the road map and in communication with customers, but lately you might wonder whether we’re still alive.

We have been busy preparing for a next phase.

From the day we started the company we intended to use professional software like Salesforce CRM, Zendesk for support related matters, and Outreach for marketing.

These last few years we have used the API’s to link everything together. However, we soon discovered that it caused issues and therefore more work instead of less. The complexity increased while the productivity decreased 🤔

After a brief assessment we determined that we had 34 “handy” tools and 4 platforms (crm, support, marketing and finance) which contained customer details, that weren’t properly working together.

What program do you turn to when you still want an overview of all your customers? Excel 👍

Therefore, not only do we have a whole heap of programs, we now also have a bunch of Excel lists (reports). More places where you have details of customers stored. On occasion, this led to customers not getting invoices. Not updating Excel. In other words, the “Oh 💩 method”.

But hold on a minute. Didn’t we want to efficiently work together with customers? Wasn’t that “the reason” that customers pick us, develop the software together.

Oh yeah: Together is Better!

So there we were at the start of this year, an IT system that is way too complex, while we have our own software which is praised for its simplicity.

What if we had one system that would contain all the customer’s details and would also allow us to work even more closely with our customers?

With these observations in mind we got to work and have literally replaced every platform.

With the aim to be able to collaborate better with our customers.

The advantage is that we can also offer the applications to our customers.

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