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Eliminate password frustration

How many times have you clicked on a 'password forgotten' link? A secure password easily consists of at least 10 characters and a combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters plus special characters. It goes without saying that safety comes first. But remembering a password? This often proves to be a lot trickier. What was it again, a lowercase letter or a symbol at the end? Let's try one more time...and before you know it, your account is blocked.

At Channel.me we notice as well how frequently the 'forgot password' button gets used. Many contact center employees work part-time and in different shifts, which means they don't use our software on a daily basis. That makes remembering a password even harder. For security reasons, we automatically block an account after 3 attempts. A supervisor can reset the password, but the user still has to wait one hour, due to the security requirements of our software.

How about a sticky note on the computer’s monitor?

It is not only difficult to remember a password, storing a password in a secure way is certainly challenging too. We’ve seen it all: sticky notes on computers, emails to oneself with 'password Channel.me’ in the subject line, or documents containing every single password the user has, floating around on their laptop. The ideal solution? Not really. But it got us thinking. How can we make the lives of Channel.me user easier?

Our solution: logging in without a password

Our solution is simple: logging in without having to use a password! It's a small change, but definitely one that makes your job a lot easier. Whenever you click on the login button, the text 'Email me a login link' will appear.

After you enter your email address you will immediately receive a one-time login link. Click on the link in the email - and you are instantly logged in. Result? No more password frustration and no more lost business opportunities.

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