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Channel.me have been collaboratively building software with our clients for over 10 years.

November 2019

24 November 2019 written by Maas @ Channel.me

Google Chrome 80 support We needed to change the way we handle iFrames for an upcoming release of Google Chrome. Chat Window Improved chat window, break long URL’s in message.

October 2019

27 October 2019 written by Maas @ Channel.me

Rate limit for authentication requests This will make it much harder for automatic password guessing scripts to login. Automatic session timeouts This will cause users to logoff automatically when they are inactive. Upgrade to https The security of our website is upgraded, we no longer supporting…

August 2019

31 August 2019 written by Maas @ Channel.me

Remove the web based video camera recording and screen capture extension and move to OBS video capture. It looks like what is currently is possible with browsers is not good enough. (video experiment) Implement RTMP listeners to handle incoming video data (video experiment). Reworked the site with…

July 2019

31 July 2019 written by Maas @ Channel.me

Fixed a login redirect loop which could occur when a rememberme cookie was placed, the visitor was trying to login and also was looking at a page where our number was embedded. Reworked the homepage of our Live Shopping (video experiment) Changed default camera settings in order to fix out of sync…

June 2019

30 June 2019 written by Maas @ Channel.me

Implemented html streaming update view (video experiment) Re-implemented the video player with an MQTT based api (video experiment) Implemented EBML parsing to decode incoming video streams (video experiment) Resolving browser induced delays by removing the experimental extension (video experiment…

May 2019

31 May 2019 written by Maas @ Channel.me

Implemented new website. (video experiment) Implemented streaming html diffing player to make it possible to broadcast dom updates to a lot of viewers. Messages are transported via MQTT. (video experiment) Implemented simple public chat system. Messages transported via MQTT. (video experiment)

April 2019

30 April 2019 written by Maas @ Channel.me

Welcomed a new colleague . Created mockups for our live shopping video experiment website. Created user interfaces for managing profiles and planning streams. (video experiment) Implemented browser extension in order to start and stop streams. (video experiment)

March 2019

31 March 2019 written by Maas @ Channel.me

- Possibility to show all the sessions you are currently logged into. See: https://channel.me/logon/sessions. - Virus scanning for uploaded media items. - Support for 2fa (not enabled yet). - Addition of a small status dashboard for internal use.

Februari 2019

28 February 2019 written by Maas @ Channel.me

- The entire Channel.me site is now secure https. - Big security update of our base zotonic framework. - Addition of password complexity rules. - Support for rate limiting authentication requests and password resets.

Januari 2019

20 January 2019 written by Maas @ Channel.me

We have updated: Chat : Supervisors can see real-time how many chat lines there a http://channel.me/roadmap/91501/chat---supervisor-dashboard Chat : Added group information to missed chat audit events

December 2018

1 December 2018 written by Maas @ Channel.me

We have updated: Chat : Fixed a the close button on iOS pro-active chat invites, problem for users who scroll down the page Chat : Improved the Analytics total missed chats.

November 2018

1 November 2018 written by Maas @ Channel.me

We have updated: Chat : Supervisors can set their own custom text: http://channel.me/roadmap/183612/customize-default-text .

October 2018

1 October 2018 written by Maas @ Channel.me

We started a new project to explore live shopping options to help our ecommerce customers generate more online sales.  

September 2018

14 September 2018 written by Maas @ Channel.me

The first update after our holiday period. We have updated: Cobrowsing & Chat : Improved the security for sites working with DigiD. (Updated jQuery from 1.11.1 to 3.3.1) Chat : Fixed a UI problem for users who have more than 20 chat topics. Channel.me site updates: Vacancies (yes we are hiring…

August 2018

We haven't written anything about updates for a long time. Not that we didn't do any updates , we just didn't take the time to write anything here. From now on we will write the technical details of our updates in this location. Today we have updated our site and changed the following: It behaves…

June 2017

As you may have noticed on our online Roadmap (URL), we are currently working on a new user interface for channel to make it easier to choose which activity you will be performing when you log in. This will make it possible for supervisors, for instance, to log in to Channel.me and not have to deal…

May 2017

In this update of the Channel.me live server, we have included co-browsing statistics and completely overhauled back end security to make it easier for us to add new features in the future. If you now log in as an agent you can click the Analytics menu at the top and select Cobrowsing Statistics:…

April 2017

This release of Channel.me contains a couple of new features as well as a complete re-write of the access control features to future proof Channel.me and improve security. The first feature is the ability to tag your chats. You can create your own topics and assign them to chats once a chat is…

January 2017

  Analytics: The January release of Channel.me now includes a basic statistics module. We will be building on this module in future releases depending on feedback from our users. Weekly – If you click the Analytics menu and select the Weekly option, you will see an overview of chats per week:…

September 2016

On the 4th of September, we released an update to the Channel.me live server that includes several new features to improve our product. Agent Overview : At any given time, the supervisor agent can now open an overview of all currently logged in agents. Certain information about each agent can be…

March 2016

Having listened to feedback provided by our awesome users, we have made some changes the Channel.me which will be covered in this post, so let's get to it! User Interface Update : Many of you have been asking to increase the size of the chat screens in the agent user interface. We have answered…

Product Update Februari 2016

We have created a new feature for the latest version of Channel.me called Quick Responses. This allows you to reply to your customers quickly using pre-defined answers. In order to use Quick Responses, click the icon in the chat entry field as shown below: A list of possible responses is shown and…

November 2015

We recently released an update to Channel.me adding a new feature allowing agents to pause Chat. After a full week of use by our users we have received invaluable feedback on this feature. In our efforts to make our chat solution easy to use, we are going to take this feedback and make changes to…

November 2015

Through feedback from some of our customers we have learned that at times chat can become overwhelming and as an Agent you may need a couple of minutes to finish helping one of your customers. That generally means you would like to avoid new distractions.

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