Cobrowsing Software

Keep phone conversations short and simple, exactly see what your visitor is talking about.

What is cobrowsing?

Cobrowsing is like screen sharing (TeamViewer, etc) except that it's limited to sharing webpages.

With screen sharing software you can control the entire computer, only shows what's on the customer's web page itself, not other open tabs, and not other open applications, making it much more secure than a traditional solution.

The problem

60% Hang up the phone without converting

Customers call your company looking for answers to their questions or to get advice.

You have no control if a customer says "I will finish my order online"

Our solution

Increase conversion up to 50%

Take control by guiding the customer through their sales journey. Fill in forms together and remove all of their uncertainties.

Perhaps they need just a little nudge on the last step of their order.

Co-browsing features

Security Features

SSL Encrypted Connections uses the same kind of encryption your bank uses.

Agent Security Roles

View Only - Is you need a more secure option, agents can view only.

Control - An agent can guide online visitors through your website.

Field Masking

Field masking allows companies to specify which form fields on a webpage contain sensitive information. All masked fields are disabled for an agent and never leaves the online visitors browser or passes through the servers.

100% Web based synchronize user actions on a webpage and therefore works without any downloads or JAVA installed.

Product Features

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile support is 100% web based and follows web standards. Therefore it works on any device with a browser.

Browse and Click together

Guide a visitor to the right content on your website. Both the visitor and the agent can navigate. The visitor sees the mouse pointer of the agent and vice versa, so both have real understanding what the other is doing.

Sticky Notes

Highlight and point out important parts of a web page by adding a sticky note.


Instantly see what an online visitor is typing in online forms. Agents can fill out complex forms together with the online visitor.


See an online visitor scrolling a large web page. The agent is able to scroll the view of the customer to exactly the right location and vice versa.

Works Behind Logins can be used behind login screens. This allows you to help visitors in your checkout procedure or their account on your site.

Easy Integration Into Existing Customer Service Procedures allows support agents to easily start co-browsing with a visitor by asking the visitor to read out four digit customer code on a page. The co-browsing session will start immediately and the agent is able to see what the visitor is doing.

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