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Remotely Support Your Website Visitors

Just like IT supports you remotely on your computer


Problems We Solve For Our Customers

On a daily basis, our customers solve the following problems with our Co-browsing and Live Chat:

  • Agents struggle to understand what the caller is doing on company's website
  • Back-and-forth email chains from customers trying to explain their issue
  • Visitors leaving the sales funnel
  • Average NPS and CES

Why Our Software is Different

Software can be frustrating for contact center (agents).

Not all users are highly technical or immediately understand what will happen when they click a certain button in an interface.

If agents don't understand what will happen, they will not click on it and thus not use it. You'll end up with software that has a lot of unused features.

We work closely together with the people who use it. See how we work together on our Roadmap

Together is Better

Every day we connect people who share interest. We do this because we believe together is better.

Build Together

Software usage can be frustrating. We eliminate this by working closely together with our customers on every feature we release. The goal is building software that you immediately understand.

See our Roadmap

Built with Erlang

Like WhatsApp we use the programming laungauge Erlang to support high traffic websites. 80% of all phone messages are handled by telephony systems built with Erlang.


What is Co-browsing?

Co-browsing is like screen sharing(for example TeamViewer) but web based and designed for sales & support teams.

Your website visitors can share their browser screen with a contact center agent.

This allows the agent to see what the customer is talking about in less than 2 seconds.


Co-browsing Software

Help customers on your website with web based screen sharing.

Learn more about co-browsing


Live Chat Software

Designed for your contact center to easily handle multiple chats at the same time while keeping an overview.

Learn more about Live Chat