From startup to scale-up

17 September 2018 written by Justin @

We doing quite while this past year with the road map and in communication with customers, but lately you might wonder whether we’re still alive. We have been busy preparing for a next phase. From the day we started the company we intended to use professional software like Salesforce CRM, Zendesk…

Chat History Update

In another update to the live server, we have added the ability to filter chats based on: Period: Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month Closed chats Missed chats This update brings us a step closer to the full functionality that we want to have for our users.

Chat with Support

Today we launched a new method of contacting our support department. From within the agent screen you can now directly contact support using chat! Our goal is to shorten support response times even further and give you the user, the opportunity to give feedback and discuss any issues you are having…

Co-Browsing Improves the Customer Journey

Introduction In this blog post we want to tell what we learned about introducing cobrowsing on the site of our clients. Over the years we have learned a couple of interesting facts about the customer journey which we want to share. What Usually Happens Before Co-Browsing In most companies the…

Why we Built Live Chat #101

There are numerous live chat solutions available on the internet. So why did we decide to make live chat solution #101?

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