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Co-browsing Software

Designed for sales and customer service teams

The Old Way

Communication with your website visitors shouldn't be this hard.


The New Way

Co-browsing makes communicating with your website visitors simple, easy and fun.


Audit Logs

All co-browsing actions are logged in an audit log.

Regulations have specific mandates relating to audit logs.


Remotely support a website visitor and scroll for them.

Sticky Notes

Add a sticky note while in a cobrowse session to highlight an item on the visitors web page.
More Sticky Notes

Mobile support

Our co browsing works on every device, mobile, tablet and desktop.


Remotely support a website visitor and scroll for them.

View Only Mode

If more security is needed an account can be set to "view only", where as an agent can't control the visitors webpage.

Disabled Data Storage

Co-browsing works without data storage so it can be used in strict secure environments.

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