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Seamless Communication and Support With Live Chat

At Channel.me, We're Transforming Chat Communication for Companies of All Sizes. 


Live Chat Software Without Distractions

In the fast-paced world of technology, efficient communication is the backbone of success. However, reaching out for help or sharing screens often involves cumbersome processes. Channel.me understands the challenges tech companies face in promoting communication and support. Introducing our cutting-edge Live Chat Software - a game-changer in interactive communication. 

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Co-browsing with Live Chat: Increasing Understanding and Support

Channel.me's Live Chat Software revolutionizes communication by integrating co-browsing capabilities. Guide a user's screen in real-time, diagnosing issues, and guiding them while talking. This powerful feature simplifies complex discussions and enhances customer satisfaction.



Proactive Chat: Instant Engagement for Maximum Results

Gone are the days of waiting for visitors to start conversations. Our Live Chat Software takes the lead with proactive chat invitations. Once visitors log in, they can engage in a chat, paving the way for faster problem resolution.


Quick Responses: Efficiency Redefined

Time is of the essence. With our pre-defined response feature, you can provide rapid help without compromising accuracy. Maintain consistency in your communication. You'll save time, improve customer interactions, and increase productivity. 



Pause Function: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Interruptions are inevitable, but they don't have to disrupt your workflow. With the Pause function, agents can halt incoming chats. Whether it's to attend a call or focus on a specific task, this feature empowers agents to manage their time.


Analytics Integration: Measure the Impact

Are you curious about the impact of co-browsing with live chat? Our software integrates with popular reporting systems like Google Analytics. Get insights into how the software affects customer support and strategies.



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