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Product Update Februari 2016

We have created a new feature for the latest version of Channel.me called Quick Responses. This allows you to reply to your customers quickly using pre-defined answers. In order to use Quick Responses, click the icon in the chat entry field as shown below:

Quick Responses 01 - 2.PNG

A list of possible responses is shown and you simply select one to send. Once the desired response is clicked, it is automatically entered into the chat. You are however given some time before it is actually sent to the customer engaged in the chat. If you wish to cancel the Quick Response, simply click UNDO next to the response as seen here:

Quick Responses 02 - 2.PNG

The response will be removed and not sent. Note that there is a time limit for this and failing to click UNDO will result in the response being sent.

Creating new Quick Responses is simple. Click Settings and you will see the following:

Quick Responses 03 - 2.PNG

Each line is a separate Quick Response. Enter the desired responses and click Save. All agents will have access to them but only assigned Supervisors are able to add or remove Quick Responses.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to any feedback you might have. Please contact us at support@channel.me if you have any questions.

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