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March 2016

Having listened to feedback provided by our awesome users, we have made some changes the Channel.me which will be covered in this post, so let's get to it!

User Interface Update:
Many of you have been asking to increase the size of the chat screens in the agent user interface. We have answered with this update! We now make more use of the screen real estate:

Screen Real Estate.png
Not only that but we have also added a menu to the chat screens. You can do the following from the chat menu:

  1. Start Co-Browsing
  2. Block User (see below)
  3. Close Chat

This gives us the room to improve and add functionality to the chat in the future but retain the simplicity Channel.me offers.

Conversations are now started from the bottom of the screen allowing you to see your input immediately above the text entry field from the beginning of the conversation. The text entry field has also been increased in size, a much requested feature!

Pro-Active Chat per Domain:
Some of our users have Channel.me installed on several domains. In such situations, pro-active chat needs to be enabled on one domain but not others which was not possible. We have now made it so that we can configure for which domain pro-active chat is enabled!

Block Annoying Users:
It is unfortunate that we have had reports of abuse on chat. People who go out of there way to disrespect agents. We have now implemented a feature to combat this. As of today you can block users who are abusive. They will not be able to access chat or co-browsing for several days and this should be enough deterent.

Chat Blocking.png
Improvements for iOS:
Statistics have indicated that quite a few visitors use a tablet to contact agents via chat. Sadly the chat was not functioning correctly on iOS based tablets. We have made improvements to the layout of the chat window to ensure that chat is now usable on iOS tablets.

Don't forget! If you have any questions you can contact us directly using the chat button now available on the agent screen.
We hope you enjoy using this improved version of Channel.me and look forward to any feedback you might have.

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