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September 2016

On the 4th of September, we released an update to the Channel.me live server that includes several new features to improve our product.

Agent Overview:
At any given time, the supervisor agent can now open an overview of all currently logged in agents. Certain information about each agent can be seen, such as:

  • Groups they are a member of
  • Current status
  • IP address

Added to this overview, is the ability to log agents off remotely. This can be useful for when agents forget to log off before going home for the day.

Chat History:
We are constantly improving our chat and co-browse solution for our customers and in this release we have made minor changes to the chat history. The user interface has been cleaned up and we have added the ability to select and copy chat directly from chat history. This is the very first step in creating the option to save and/or email chats.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at support@channel.me.

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