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Security update https only

As outlined in our previous update, changes to Chat History and Analytics have been released.

In addition to those outlined, the following changes have also been made:


We have enabled "strict transport" security. Browsers which support this will never connect to our server by using an insecure request, which adds an extra layer of security for our customers. This change does mean that we no longer support cobrowsing on customer websites served via HTTP only. We have confirmed that all our customers serve their sites via HTTPS, however if you believe this could cause issues please contact support ASAP.


We've improved the experience of using the roadmap. Active roadmap users will also be informed by email of any updates to roadmap items they have commented on.

Further General Changes

  • The account dashboard has been cleaned-up to reduce clutter and make it easier to read.
  • A defect has been resolved which caused chat exports to fail in rare circumstances.
  • Improvements have been made site-wide for visitors on mobile devices.
  • Unused features have been removed from the system to improve performance and usability.

As always, we're keen to get feedback from our customers. If you feel there is anything missing, or that could be improved, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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