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Postponed - Upcoming New Location for Chat and Co-browsing


Important status update - 16 Mar 2021:

Some customers need more time to prepare for this update.

We are going to take a different approach and leave the current situation as it is.

For now we postpone this update until further notice.


Last two years we have been working on a new platform that is coming to a final release.

This will help build new features 10x faster for our customers.

Before we can do that our current applications will get a new location.



We will contact all customers personally before we implement steps below.


Status (25 Feb 2021):

Step 1 - We will communicate a date so customers can test the new URL's.

Step 2 - From 02-04-2021 we will redirect to the new location. Agents and supervisors need to logon via new URL.

Step 3 - From 02-04-2021 IT can change the loading location on the website.




Checklist URL changes

Customers with custom made script we will contact via email.

  • channel.me/siteconnect.js -> account.channel.me/siteconnect.js
  • channel.me/frameconnect.js -> account.channel.me/frameconnect.js
  • channel.me/account -> account.channel.me/account


For supervisors and agents

Every application will stay the same.

We only change the location where you start an application:

Current location = https://channel.me/account

New location = https://account.channel.me


For IT

Our script will stay the same.

We only change the location that is implemented on your website:

Current JavaScript URL = https://channel.me/siteconnect.js

New JavaScript URL https://account.channel.me/siteconnect.js




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