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November 2015

Channel.me Chat - Pause screenshot

Pausing Incoming Chats

Through feedback from some of our customers we have learned that at times chat can become overwhelming and as an Agent you may need a couple of minutes to finish helping one of your customers. That generally means you would like to avoid new distractions. To accommodate this we have created the Pause function in chat. You can Pause your remaining chat windows so that no new chats will be sent to you. As soon as you have completed your chat, simple resume chat and start accepting new chats once more.


Channelme Chat - Another Agent Accepted Screenshot

Another Agent Accepted the Chat

We have seen some rare instances in which two Agents try to accept the same chat at the same time. Improvements have been made to the chat function to prevent this from happening. As soon as another Agent has accepted a chat, the other Agents are updated of this fact.


Channel.me Chat Visitor Menu Screenshot

Minimizing and Closing Chats

In previous versions of Channel.me it was possible for visitors to close chats themselves but we found that some users accidentally closed down their chats and were unable to reconnect with the agent they were chatting to previously. To solve this we removed the ability for users to do this. By popular demand, we have returned the option for visitors to close chats and made improvements so that chats are not that easily closed by accident.


Feedback for Agents During Co-Browsing

Some websites may respond a little slow and during a co-browse session this can be an issue as the Agent has no indication if a link has been clicked or not resulting in the Agent clicking multiple times without realising the link has already been clicked. Now, in the grey area above the co-browse session, we provide feedback to indicate that a link has been clicked.

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