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January 2017



The January release of Channel.me now includes a basic statistics module. We will be building on this module in future releases depending on feedback from our users.

Weekly – If you click the Analytics menu and select the Weekly option, you will see an overview of chats per week:

Clicking on one of the vertical bars will show the charts for that week. The information included is the number of chats received and the number of chats answered. You can also use the arrow buttons to navigate between week overviews.

Agents – If you select the Agents view you will see all the chats handled per agent:

You can adjust the Period that is shown using the dropdown on the left.

New Menus:

New menus have been added to the agent screen of Channel.me. Supervisors now have two menus:

Analytics – This is used to access all statistics. Please see above for full details.

Settings – Here you can manage your agents and also configure your Quick Responses.

Send Button:

A function that has been requested to assist users on mobile devices is a send button for sending messages.

This will make it easier for mobile users to send messages.

Quick Responses Update:

When agents were dealing with 3 chats it wasn’t possible to make use of the Quick Responses on the right most chat window. We have changed how the Quick Responses are now shown and this has been fixed.

Missed Chats in history:

When exporting the chat history, the reason why a chat is missed has now be included in the data. This is useful for statistics.

Agents can now change password:

We have now included the ability for agents to change their password. It is no longer necessary to contact us for this. Simply open the agent menu and select Change Password:

Chat History Export:

It is now possible to export data from chat history from a year back. 

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