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Session Affinity

Session Affinity

Warning: This is only needed in exceptional situations.

In order to support cobrowsing of complex web-applications which run on multiple backend servers. It is sometimes needed that the requests for static resources like css and image files are handled by the same backend-server which handles the requests of the visitor. Usually session affinity is handled by setting a cookie on the visitors browser. Because of privacy reasons visitor-cookies are never transferred to the agent. In order to support session affinity in these situations we have added the possibility to add an extra session-affinity query-string argument to all urls on the page.

By adding the following meta tag to the header of a page.

    <meta name="cobrowsing-qs" content="version=test">

All links on the page from the same hostname as the current page, and all relative urls, will get an "version=test" query string added to the url. Links to external hosts are not adapted.

Note: the query string content will be properly escaped by our server.