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Analytics API

Analytics API

Retrieving audit information.

Endpoint to retrieve ids of audit events: /api/admin_audit/ids


  • cat_exact:The name of the event category you want. Note: You can use multiple cat_exact parameters in one query.
  • date_start: The start-date used for the query. Default: a week ago.
  • date_end:The end-date used for the query. Default: now.
  • page:If the query results in > 1000 ids, the result is split into separate pages. Increase this number to retrieve the next page. Default: 1

Possible categories:

  • Authentication events: logon, logoff, logon_error
  • Cobrowsing events: cobrowse_session_stopped
  • Chat: conversation_activated, conversation_closed, conversation_missed, conversation_rated, conversation_categorized, conversation_deleted



$ curl --basic -u user1:****** https://channel.me/api/admin_audit/ids?cat_exact=logoff\&cat_exact=logon


Retrieve information on a single audit event: /api/admin_audit/get

    id: The id of the audit event you want to retrieve.

Returns technical information on the audit event.


$ curl --basic -u user1:****** https://channel.me/api/admin_audit/get?id=919

The id field is the id of this audit event,

The category_id contains the id of this event. More details about this category can be retrieved via the https://channel.me/api/base/export endpoint.


curl --basic -u user1:****** https://channel.me/api/base/export?id=518
"managed_props": {"title":"Conversation Closed"},
"title":"Conversation Closed",