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Erlang Web Developer

Erlang Web Developer

We are looking for a talented Erlang Web Developer to join our team in the center of Amsterdam. We hope to find someone with excellent backend and frontend skills. 

Channel.me is a brand new company in the center of Amsterdam. At Channel.me we have started building a large co-browsing and chat platform.

We're using open source stuff like Erlang, Zotonic, and are developing a lot of new open source technology as we go. We are working together with multiple companies on the open-source Zotonic framework. We are currently working on the next-generation of web technology. We are working on replacing all connectivity with MQTT pub/sub patterns. This will allow web-pages and applications to cooperate securely in new ways and extends the traditional client-server model.

We really like to keep things simple, reliable and pragmatic and need to to offer an incredibly good user experience, and we want it to look good too!

We're working with a small team so we're looking for someone who will help out with anything that needs to be done (supporting hosting, testing etc).

You will need to have experience with things like:

  • HTML / Javascript
  • Web backend programming
  • Multiple years of C, Javascript, functional programming
  • HTTP-protocol / Ajax / websockets / Publish subscribe (MQTT)
  • Linux or other unix like systems
  • The DOM and DOM events
  • Templating systems
  • Understand code written by other people

What certainly helps is hand-on experience with:

  • Functional programming
  • Erlang (or another BEAM language)
  • Distributed systems

And you

  • Will have to be able to use new technology in a pragmatic way. Technology is a means, not the goal.
  • Have some experience
  • Wants to work at least 4 days a week.

Send your resume to jobs@channel.me


About Channel.me

We build cobrowsing software for contact centers and have large enterprise customers in Europe.