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Unveiling the Benefits of Co-Browsing: Enhancing Customer Support and Collaboration

Is subpar customer support costing you customers and money? You're not the only business person with this concern.

Research shows only 37% of customer support leaders were happy with their companies' digital solutions. Sixty-nine percent said providing personalized support was critical for building customer relationships. Less than 50% said they believed they could deliver this with their existing technology.

Co-browsing software can change this for you. That's because it can help you share screens with customers and overcome tech problems without a hassle. Let's explore the many co-browsing uses and the benefits of co-browsing today.

Co-Browsing Software

Co-browsing software lets customer support and sales agents join customers online. This allows them to offer quality browsing support.

The agents can view their customers' screens. They can then lead collaborative sessions with the customers. This may be done using live chat, video calls, or audio calls.

Agents may scroll for their customers during their co-browsing sessions. They may even add sticky notes to the users' screens to highlight items on their web pages.

Agents may invite other people to join their collaborative sessions with customers as needed. These other individuals may be their supervisors or their customers' spouses. The parties' conversations may be recorded for future reference. 

Tech Support Software

One of the top co-browsing uses is to solve your customers' tech problems. This tech support software will let your customer share their computer screen with one of your support agents.

The agent will have no problem seeing your customer's problem in a couple of seconds. They can then address the problem quickly and efficiently.

Why Tech Support Needs Co-Browsing

Sometimes users become stuck when troubleshooting tech problems with agents. They may not understand what your agents are instructing them to do.

Co-browsing software will let your agents take over their screens and perform the necessary actions for them. This will save both your agents and your customers time, effort, and frustration.

This is especially important at a contact center where the goal is to increase the first contact resolution, or FCR, rate. This metric measures the percent of client cases resolved during a user's initial interaction with the contact center.

The FCR is a critical indicator of a contact center's success rate. Most companies aim to resolve 75% of their customers' issues during their initial calls with the customers.

A higher FCR may spark repeat business. Customers might be more willing to buy your services or products again. They might also be open to recommending your company's offerings to family and friends.

An excellent FCR rate also means your team is operating efficiently. This may reduce customer wait times, making customers even happier.

Other Co-Browsing Uses

Co-browsing software may help your staff guide customers through filling out complex forms. Use this software to troubleshoot a payment error and complete a successful payment, too.

Other co-browsing uses include resolving customer account questions. Agents can also help customers choose the best product or find the right documents online.

Screen Sharing vs. Co-Browsing

Co-browsing is different from screen sharing in several ways. You don't have to install co-browsing software on your personal computer, as browsers are all your agents and customers need. Installing applications is necessary to do screen sharing.

Another difference between co-browsing and screen sharing? Co-browsing agents can add commentary to your customers' data or documents, as we mentioned earlier. This isn't possible with screen sharing.

Screen sharing doesn't allow agents to perform video and audio calls. It doesn't let them record their sessions, either.

Agents also can't add several people to their sessions. That's because a screen-sharing session is limited to two individuals. Co-browsing allows all of this, as highlighted earlier.

Yet another reason to choose co-browsing is it's more secure than screen sharing. Co-browsing comes with data masking. Screen sharing doesn't.

Data masking involves creating fake yet realistic versions of organizations' data. This is done to protect confidential data. It offers an alternative when authentic data isn't needed for software testing, user training, or sales demos.

Benefits of Co-Browsing

One of the top benefits of co-browsing is it can help you quickly solve tech problems. Your customer tech support team members can more easily identify and fix customers' issues. They no longer have to rely on the customer to explain their tech problem to them.

Co-browsing also offers real-time help. Customers don't need to wait for agents to implement solutions. They also don't have to constantly exchange emails with agents to describe their issues. 

Co-browsing software can help your company solve users' issues right away. This can help boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Using co-browsing software makes the user experience more personal. This can give your company a competitive edge.

Providing an excellent customer experience is a critical part of any business. It's increasingly hard for customers to tell which products or services are best. This is due to the stiff competition among today's companies.

Consumers make purchase decisions based on the customer experience in these situations. This is why engaging customers through co-browsing software is invaluable. 

Help With Co-Browsing

Co-browsing software lets customer support staff view customers' screens. They can then collaborate with them to solve issues. Co-browsing uses include providing customer tech support and answering account questions.

There are many benefits of co-browsing. The software can help customers quickly solve their problems and receive personalized service. This might lead to better customer satisfaction scores.

At Channel.me, we proudly offer high-quality co-browsing software. Our software works on all devices, including tablets and desktops. Get in touch with us to learn more about our software, and begin a demo today!

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