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Unlocking the Power of Co-Browsing: Empowering Customer Support and Enabling Cooperative Solutions

Customers almost always prefer talking to a human when they need help, with as many as 75% of people favoring live chat over other communication forms. As technology continues to evolve, companies must adapt and explore innovative methods to enhance their customer service experience. Co-browsing emerges as a powerful tool that empowers customer support representatives to collaboratively solve problems with customers in real time. 

But what is co-browsing? Find out more information about co-browsing software, co-browsing solutions, and whether or not co-browsing is safe below. 

What Is Co-Browsing?

Exactly what is co-browsing, and why is it useful? Co-browsing is also called collaborative browsing. It's a customer support technique that lets agents and customers view the same web page.

However, if you assumed it works just like screen sharing, think again. Co-browsing only shares specific screens, which protects the identity of everyone involved. 

It's commonly used in various industries, including software services and e-commerce. If there's a problem that needs dealing with, co-browsing software makes finding a solution easier. 

The Co-Browsing Software Experience

Co-browsing software offers a seamless and efficient customer support experience. When customers encounter challenges or have questions, a support agent can initiate co-browsing. 

Firstly, the customer is sent a session invitation and then screen sharing can begin. When they accept, the support agent and the customer can navigate the same webpage. 

The customer can highlight exactly what's wrong, making it easier for the agent to understand. Tech support can guide them through any steps needed to fix the issues. 

Empowering Customer Support

Customer support is a challenging job, especially if it's difficult to understand what the problem is. Co-browsing software makes figuring out the exact problem (and, therefore, the solution) much simpler. 

Real-Time Issue Resolution

When agents can see exactly what a customer is having a problem with, they have better visual context. With this context, they don't have to rely on customer descriptions alone. Ultimately, this leads to quicker issue resolution. 

So issues get resolved in real-time without having to delay either agent or the customer. That's just one of the many benefits of co-browsing solutions. 

Improved Communication

Before co-browsing, customers had to rely on verbal communication to explain their problems. They may have done so through live chats or phone calls. While these platforms can be helpful, they also often lead to misunderstandings. 

Co-browsing helps reduce any ambiguity by providing visual aids. Customers and agents will also be speaking verbally while using a co-browsing system. The result is both verbal and audio communication which leads to better interactions overall. 

Enabling Cooperative Solutions

A cooperative solution is one that's achieved through collaboration. Co-browsing solutions enable these by allowing customers and agents to work together to resolve tech problems. 

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Co-browsing fosters a sense of cooperation between customers and support agents. Customers have a sense of value because they're participating in the solution process. As a result, they feel satisfied with the solution and are likely to become loyal customers. 

Seamless Onboarding and Training

Where complex tools or software are needed to onboard a customer, solutions are often complicated. With co-browsing, tech support can walk a customer through the steps to fix their problem. As the customer follows these steps, they can ask questions where they need to. 

Empowerment Through Self-Service

Co-browsing empowers customers to become more independent problem solvers. They can observe agents navigating an app or website. Customers then have a better understanding of the site and how to fix any future tech problems using tech solutions.

Is Co-Browsing Safe?

As a new technology, co-browsing isn't thoroughly understood by the public. Because of this, many people worry about whether or not it's safe. So, is co-browsing safe? 

Like everything, there are certain risks with co-browsing. But, by remaining vigilant and following certain steps, it's easy to stay safe while co-browsing. 

Data Privacy and Security

Data privacy is of utmost importance when using co-browsing. It involves sharing sensitive information between customers and support agents. 

Businesses must choose co-browsing platforms that employ strong encryption methods. By having these methods in place, it's easier to protect data during the session. 

Make sure that the co-browsing solution is compliant with relevant data protection regulations. These include GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for European customers. 

User Consent and Control

Customers need control over a co-browsing session. Agents also need their consent to view customer screens. It's important to offer customers a termination option for every session. 

Limited Access

Co-browsing is restricted to the specific web page where the issue is. Agents are not able to access any other parts of a customer's phone or computer. They can't see any personal data that's not on the page or app they're dealing with. 

Secure Connection

Customers and agents should use secure connections to access any co-browsing platforms. This is a necessary step to prevent hacking, interception, or illegal access. Their data is then much safer. 

Session Recording and Storage

The co-browsing session must not store any sensitive data. When the session ends, any temporary data gets deleted. An agent may do this themselves, but it's often automatic. 

Regular Auditing and Compliance

Tech solutions should regularly audit the co-browsing platform. They need to review its security measures to ensure it remains up to date. Businesses should also check that their platform meets security standards. 

Employee Training

Support agents need proper training before using a co-browsing system. With the right knowledge, they can help faster and keep customers' data safer

Firewall and Network Security

Companies need firewalls in place to protect against cyber attacks. These are especially needed during a co-browsing session to keep everyone safe. 

All of these measures work hand-in-hand to keep customers safe. The customer service sector is a vital part of any business. After all, if a customer feels unsafe, they're unlikely to stick around for very long. 

Is co-browsing safe? It can be! By using the methods above, a co-browsing session is not only safe but also efficient. 

Use Co-Browsing Solutions For Better Support

So, what is co-browsing? Co-browsing is truly transforming the way agents deal with customer problems. Customers feel valued because they know a support agent wants to solve their problems. 

But is co-browsing safe? Strong firewalls and gaining customer consent are necessary for data protection. To learn more about co-browsing, contact Channel.me.

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