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Chat Transfer

Chat Transfer

You can transfer an ongoing live chat to another agent in an online chat group. There must be at least one agent available in a group to be able to request a transfer.


How do I transfer an ongoing chat to another agent?

1. Click the "Transfer" button at the bottom of the chat window, below the text entry area.

2. Click on the name of the chat group you'd like to transfer the chat to.

3. Wait for an agent to accept the transfer. 

All online agents within the target group will receive the chat transfer notification. When one of them accepts the transfer, you will see a message stating that the transfer was successful, and the name of the agent who accepted the transfer.


What happens when there are no available agents?

If no agent accepts the transfer request, you will see a message stating "unable to transfer".

The chat will continue in your window. You should take a moment to let the visitor know that the transfer was unsuccessful. You can then attempt to transfer again, to the same group or a different group, or continue to assist the visitor as normal.


What does a transfer look like for my website visitor?

When the transfer starts, the customer will see a message asking them to "please wait while we transfer you to another agent".

Once transferred to another agent, they will be informed that the transfer was successful and will be given the name of the new agent.

If the transfer is unsuccessful, the user is not given a message. It is the agent's responsibility to inform the visitor of the incomplete transfer and manage the next steps appropriately.


What default chat system messages are there?

There are several status messages available.

When agents are found:
- Transfer in progress. You can continue to chat to the customer.
- Please wait while we transfer you to another agent.

When there are no agents online:
- Unable to transfer: There are no agents online for this group.

When there are agents online, but no chat line is available. The number indicates the retry count:
- Waiting for an agent to become available.

Found agents to send the chat request to. Count indicates the number of agents found:
- Waiting for an agent to accept.

Transfer requests where sent out, but nobody accepted.
- Unable to transfer: nobody accepted.

Agents where online, but there was no available chat line:
- Unable to transfer: no agents available.

The chat session was transferred to a new agent:
- Success: transferred to (AgentName)
- You are now connected with (AgentName)

Incoming chat transfer request:
- Transfer request from: (GroupName)