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On-premise server configuration

On-premise server configuration

Channel.me SaaS on-premise hosting.

In order to get Channel.me SaaS on premise we can offer to support management of the software on a server you provide. We will take care of the installation, technical management and upgrades of the software within the Server Management contract.

Minimum server requirements:

One cpu XEON Processor with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Our service runs on the Erlang virtual machine. Uses Postgres as relational database service. We have built our service on top of the Zotonic web application framework.

The amount of ram of the machine is important for the number of concurrent connections that we can handle.

Minimal 16 gigabyte ram for 20000 concurrent connections.

Harddrive minimal 100Mb

Network card 100Mbit connected to the internet.

Example configurations:

Dell R230 or an HP DL120 G9
with sufficient RAM