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Login without password

Login without password

The problem

Logging into systems we don't use regularly can be a problem. It's easy to forget cryptic passwords, especially ones we don't use often, and this problem can be compounded when we have many different systems we need to access during intermittently our working day.

Sometimes make this problem worse when trying to alleviate it; we jot down passwords in easy-to-reach but very insecure places, like sticky-notes or notebooks.

Our solution

To make login easier, Channel.me users can use our single-click logon via email.

This process guards against common logon and security issues such as often forgotten passwords, passwords stored insecurely, or passwords being shared by email, sticky notes, or other chat platforms.

Logging in via email is quick, efficient, and secure. The email is only sent to registered users, and the logon link in the email is single-use. As long as your email is secure, the logon process is secure.

How it works

  1. Go to https://channel.me/logon/email
  2. Fill in your email address and click "Email logon link".
  3. Open your email and click on the link you received from channel.me, you're now logged in.